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Star Lanterns, Night, UP Manila

Today’s the last day of 2011. Let’s countdown to 2012 together! xoxo, frantastic fran Advertisements

Another Christmas Photo

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cake by Dezaato Pan

I turned twenty years old yesterday. No longer a teenager, gaaahd. The cake was yummy by the way! :”> It’s made of 5 alternating layers of chocolate chiffon and strawberry icing. The strawberry… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!

White Christmas in the Philippines? Na-ah. xoxo, frantastic fran

Happy Noche Buena!

Hello world! It’s been long since my last post. School had been heavy with things-to-do, good thing there’s Christmas vacation! In line with the holiday season, let me show you our college fa├žade,… Continue reading


changed my URL to phototale.tumblr.com from thisneverendingfairytale.tumblr.com. and, don’t forget to vote for my entry to the Nikon D5100 Photo Competition http://d5100.nikon-asia.com/en/submissions/43096. it would also be much appreciated if you could share the… Continue reading

my entry for Nikon D5100 Photo Competition

my entry for Nikon D5100 Photo Competition if you like the photo, then please click the link http://d5100.nikon-asia.com/en/submissions/43096 and like the entry (vote for it). it would also be much appreciated if you… Continue reading