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Project Camera 08: Number Four/Daniel Jones/John Smith

Number Four – a Loric Garde with special powers who escaped from Lorien to the Earth where he finds true love – portrayed by Alex Pettyfer in the 2010 film I Am Number… Continue reading

Project Camera 07: Sarah Hart

Sarah Hart – girl-next-door and school photographer portrayed by Dianna Agron in the 2010 film I Am Number Four – like Dianna Agron’s other famous role, Quinn Fabray, she’s a former cheerleader too… Continue reading

Project Camera 06: Jamie Randall

Jamie Randall – drug rep portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2010 film Love and Other Drugs – he is using Maggie‘s video camera in this picture – photo source: *Project Camera… Continue reading

Project Camera 05: Maggie Murdock

Maggie Murdock – artist (shooting with a Polaroid) and Parkinson’s disease patient portrayed by Anne Hathaway in the 2010 film Love and Other Drugs – photo sources:,, and my friend Zel… Continue reading

Project Camera 04: Finn Hudson

Finn Hudson – co-captain of school Glee Club and star quarterback of football team portrayed by Cory Monteith in the American musical series Glee – this picture is a screen-shot from Glee Season… Continue reading

Project Camera 03: P’Shone / P’Chon

– student photographer and campus crush portrayed by Mario Maurer in the Thai movie First Love (A Little Thing Called Love), also popularly known as Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Cute P’shone… Continue reading

Project Camera 02: Quinn James

– photographer and sister of Haley portrayed by Shantel VanSanten in the American TV Series One Tree Hill (2003-present) – “The first time I looked in a lens I realized I could see… Continue reading

Project Camera 01: Veronica Mars

– a student detective portrayed by Kristen Bell in the TV series Veronica Mars (2004-2007) – Veronica Mars was the first American TV series I watched. *Project Camera is a photo collection of… Continue reading