Life in Focus by Fran Choi is a personal photoblog where Fran shares her adventures, experiences, thoughts and appreciation of the world through photographs. She believes that memories are great treasures and that the best way to document memories is through pictures. The blog started in April 2011 as http://frantasticlife.tumblr.com/ and in October 2011, Fran moved to this WordPress site.

Fran graduated BS Pharmacy from the University of the Philippines – Manila (with honors!) and is currently taking up Medicine at Kaohsiung Medical University. In the near future, she wishes to become a physician that contributes to positive change ;).

She is fascinated by how travelling enriches the mind and is amazed by the continuous advancements in technology. She dreams big and sees beauty in the little things. She’s not a professional photographer, nor has she taken up any formal photography class, but she did some leisure photography during her time as photojournalist at the college newspaper. She’s just a simple girl who likes to capture frantastic moments.

She hopes that you enjoy reading her blog and thanks you from the bottom of her heart for dropping by. 🙂