Hindi Malilimutan (UP Naming Mahal)

As the managing editor of Pharmakon, the official publication of the UP Manila College of Pharmacy, I was tasked to write a column for our February (Valentine’s) issue. Naturally, the theme for the said issue was “All About Love”. Wanting to differ from the usual romantic “love”, I decided to make a photo-essay on UP (naming mahal) – the institution that molded me into the person I am today. Unfortunately, my article was trimmed due to space limitations. Hence, I intended to publish the full version of my article online. This serves as my version of the sappy, sentimental captions on Facebook profile pictures featuring yearbook Toga or Sablay gradation shots. 😉


Hindi Malilimutan

by Franchesca D. Choi

[Published on print February 14, 2013

Revised and posted online April 19, 2013]


“Ikaw pa rin ang binabalikan

‘Di pa rin malilimutan

Ikaw ang UP naming mahal

These lines are from “UP, Ang Galing Mo!” – the song composed for the centennial celebration of the University of the Philippines in 2008. I immediately liked the song then because of its catchy, upbeat rock tune. I’m sure it’s not because of some unwavering school spirit or pride since I had none of those yet as I just entered college that year. However, now that I’m about* to graduate from the institution, I can strongly feel the sentiments of the lyrics – Taglay niyo ang kahusayan, taglay niyo ang karunungan, hinubog niyo kami sa kabutihan. UP has taught me many things and has molded me into the person I am today. Allow me to enumerate just some of them.


UP has given me numerous opportunities to shine and excel,

L-R: Best Presentation at the 2nd Instrumental Drug Analysis Forum, Anatomy and Physiology exam results, Co-organizer of the 1st Philippine Pharmacy Summit, passer of the Math 17 Advanced Placement Exam, National Pharmacy Quiz Bee champion

and various instances to squeeze out creative juices and talents I never knew I had.

L-R: Role-playing as a dengue mosquito at AKKAP’s 2012 Kwento Concierto, singer at Siklab 2009, dancer at the 2011 Centennial Siklab, Red Queen for IP 196 Special Project (Alice in Numberland)

L-R: The Patient Information Leaflet layout I made for Pharmacy Counselling class, the product label I created for Manufacturing Laboratory class, the interview video coverage I edited for Pharmakon’s FACEOFF election special spread


The medals, the certificates, the bulletin board features and the praises have been heartwarming and ego-boosting, but it is the non-academic life lessons, growth and principles I gained from UP that I’ll forever be grateful for.


In UP, I learned to appreciate the little things. On a random day, many things could go wrong and you’ll find yourself easily hating everything around you. But your perspectives will change as you pass by the Philippine General Hospital, because you’ll see many people facing problems that are far greater than yours, yet they continue to fight with a positive attitude and a hopeful smile. When you’ve seen or experienced the difficulties and challenges in life, you’ll learn to appreciate beauty in the little things.

UNDER THE MICROSCOPE (L-R): Cross-section of a starfish arm, calcium oxalate crystals from a urine sample


In my 5-year stay in college, I have learned a lot about myself. In class, I was once asked what my strengths and weaknesses are. I answered that my strength and my weakness are the same – it is me being a perfectionist. Recently I have further concluded that perfectionism is the core characteristic that determines my overall personality. UP has contributed a lot in developing and enhancing that. With this, I have learned to always strive for perfection in everything I do, to exhaust all possible means before finally saying that something is not probable and to never give up even when everything seems dark and hopeless.

The light circuit we assembled for the 2011 College of Pharmacy Christmas lantern


All those leadership training seminars, medical missions and internship programs have opened my eyes to the needs of the society and the society’s need for service. According to a speaker at the Dare Youth to Move leadership training seminar, “Service is about sharing what you have and putting smiles on other people’s faces.”

Phya and Angelica spreading smiles at the AKKAP PGH Pediatric Ward Storytelling (June 2011)

Random words of wisdom from amazing professors, motivational talks from guest speakers and courageous acts by fellow students have told me to stand up, step out and share a piece of myself to contribute to positive change.

L-R: The White Coat Ceremony (August 2012), demo lecture on herbal preparations at Dare Youth 2 Move (May 2012), counselling patients at the Handog ni Isko Medical Mission (December 2012)


The essence of being an Iskolar is service to humanity. Let us not forget that even after we graduate from the university. Let us live the UP Centennial theme – Excellence, Service, and Leadership in the Next 100 Years.

L-R: PGH Oblation statue during last year's lantern parade (12.13.2013) and the UPM CP parade float during the centennial lantern parade (12.17.2008)

L-R: PGH Oblation statue during the most recent lantern parade (12.13.2012) and the UPM CP parade float during the centennial lantern parade when I first entered college (12.17.2008)



Here is a screenshot of the published article.

Pharmakon Volume 15 Number 3 Page 9 (Special thanks to Neil for the layout! :p)

You may read the full Pharmakon issues from our online archive! 🙂

With love,

Franchesca Choi

(University of the Philippines – Manila,

BS Pharmacy ’13, Class Salutatorian)

*Officially graduated today. 🙂

“Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will.” – A.W.Tozer

Honor, Excellence, and Service.