Zombie Apocalypse. Run for your lives!

What do you run for – fitness, health, the thrill or a charity cause? All of those are common. How about… running for dear life?

Last July 28, a zombie outbreak happened during the dark, stormy night at the Bonifacio Global City. The zombies were hungry for brains and were frantically chasing flesh. Thousands of people ran for their lives. Oh well, not literally. Thousands of people participated in the 5k run that is the 2nd Outbreak Manila; and zombies were there, but they will not eat your brains – they will only get your life flags.

The Outbreak Manila, inspired by the Run For Your Lives, is a not-so-typical 5k fun run through a zombie-infested obstacle course. Each runner is given 3 life flags which he must defend from the life-seeking zombies. The goal is to finish the course alive – have at least 1 life flag.

Zombies were all around, watching their potential victims..

…blocking their ways, and stealing their lives.

The only thing people can do, is to run for their lives!

…until they reach the safe zone – the finish line.

My friends (Alyssa, Angelica, Marky, Michelle and Phya) actually participated in the run. They were part of Wave 19 which started the run at around 09:30 pm. Most of them finished the course alive.

Michelle and Phya

I did not join the run because my left foot can’t wear running shoes yet due to some eczema-skin asthma-sheez. Instead, I watched at the sidelines with LJ. We actually took photos with the zombies while waiting for our friends to cross the finish line! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next time around, I will join the run (or audition to become a zombie). =)))

Photobooth picture, c/o Booster C Energy Shot

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