It’s been 2 months since my last post. This summer, I’ve only been able to post 4 entries. I’m totally backlogged because of internship and org activities. I really want to update my blog regularly, but my busy schedule is refraining me from doing so. 😐

To bring life to my dormant blog, I gave it a makeover. I revamped the layout; it now looks cleaner and sleeker. I also updated my ‘About‘ page. In addition, WordPress now supports automatic linking of WP posts to Tumblr. This is a very exciting feature because it will allow me to reconnect with the followers of my old tumblelog!

Balloons for my blog’s rebirth! 🙂
[Taken at the Manila Polo Club]

Next post coming up: part 2 of ‘A Weekend of Everything that Flies!‘. 🙂