A Weekend of Everything that Flies! (1/2)


17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

We arrived at Clark at around half past four in the morning. We thought we were early but the parking lot was already jam-packed with vehicles and the entrance lane was very, very long.

After 30 minutes, we got inside and found a nice spot (up close to where the hot air balloons would fly). Near our place, we found tents of those who camped-out.

The program would start at 05:30. Since we still had 30 minutes and there were not much people yet, we decided to take a look around the area.

Mini paper hot air balloons were for sale. These would be nice souvenirs!

Boracay Rum Balloon Floats!

Sun Cellular and C2 Balloon Floats!

The program started with the Philippine National Anthem led by a guy in a parachute bearing the Philippine Flag. It started at around 06:30, quite behind their schedule, probably because the sky was still dark and gloomy at 6 am.

This photo by Adson.

Shortly after, the highlight of the event started – the Hot Air Balloon Flights!

Woah! So many cameraaaaaas!

Firing the balloons up!

You can also ride the hot air balloons. That would be fun! 🙂

Cake balloon! 🙂

Sonic the Hedgehog


Close up, up and away

Other photos to be uploaded in another post! Smile


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