Project Camera 08: Number Four/Daniel Jones/John Smith

Number Four

– a Loric Garde with special powers who escaped from Lorien to the Earth where he finds true love

– portrayed by Alex Pettyfer in the 2010 film I Am Number Four (Alex Pettyfer is only 21 years old, can you believe that? :D)

– also known as John Smith and Daniel Jones (his aliases on Earth)

– he is using Sarah‘s Canonet in this picture

– side note: Number Six is really cool (makes me want to read the sequel book The Power of Six), :”>

*Project Camera is a photo collection of fictional characters associated with photography from TV series, movies and the like.

Project Camera is an original project by yours truly,

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I already have 2 more entries in queue for this project.

*Can you help by suggesting fictional characters I can include in this Project Camera? 🙂


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