Urban Word: Frantastic

A quick google of the word frantastic led me to this:



1. containing many likable qualities

2. used to describe the lesser spotted black winged species of the femunine Frank;
Francesca, she can mostly be found in the regions of minster, annoying wills and doing random side ways dancing. Can be used as an adjective to describe something marvelous and slightly weird.

haha! I indeed sometimes do the fran dance (as my friend Marky called it) when I’m bored, it’s actually just my casual swaying. :))

3. like fantastic, but even better. can only be said by someone called fran, frances, francesca etc.

Other urban words that had fran in them included fransessed, franxious, franticipation.


So, isn’t life frantastic? :DD

Look out for my next frantastic post. It’s about the wonderful PFW Spring Summer 2012 SMDC show!