Frantastic Start

Hello, world!

I’m a transferee from, and this is my first official post here in WordPress. All posts before this are imported from my old Tumblr photoblog using Tumblr2WordPress.

I actually encountered some difficulties after moving to wordpress.

At first, whenever I’m saving settings (general, personal, etc) at the WP dashboard, I’d get error messages. I’d also get the error message when trying to import my old posts from Tumblr. The error message included a link to report the error to WP. Hence, I reported the errors, and then tried to find solutions on my own (searching the internet, turning off all Firefox plug-ins, trying other web browsers), but none solved my problem.

After 5-6 hours, something amazing happened! I got an email from Anthony of, saying:


I’ve fixed that problem for you and your site should be working fine now.

Thank you for reporting the error.

and voilà, the errors got fixed indeed!

I love wordpress for having such an efficient troubleshooting/support team! 🙂 ❤

So, isn’t life frantastic? :DD