When people become older, do they care about the world less? Is it because it’s difficult to change the world and we all have our own problems to mind? Is it because 縱使世界有那麼多問題, 日子還是要過, 所以顧好自己跟周遭的人就好了? Will people eventually become jaded? I don’t know if I would too, in the future. I remember my good friend, she said “I never want to become jaded.”

It’s been more than a year since my last blog entry. I’ve never been a skilled writer, but I just want to write this thing down, to remind me in the future, to keep me grounded, and to maybe make some impact if I can.

Casting our playful #shadows among the magnificent ridges of Tianliao #Moon World. 將青春的影子照射在田寮月世界的山脊奇景中 🗻🌛

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From Maolin Nature Park 茂林生態園區 to Dona Hanging Bridge 多納吊橋 to Lotus Pond 蓮池潭. 🌉🌻 A jam-packed day filled with walking, hiking and cycling. 👣 And definitely loads of fun too! 🌈😉

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清心. A Day of Nature and Zen 🌱🐝

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We are stepping on volcano lavaaaaaaa. 🌋🌞

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鍋燒牛奶意麵 // Guo Shao Niu Nai Yi Mian // Pot-cooked Milk Noodles 🍲

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A suspicious looking kitten 🐈 and a squirrel smoking pipe. 🐹 #ihavethisthingwithfloors

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On geometry, neutrals and minimalism. 💭👓

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Tonight’s experiment! Let’s see how this turns out tmrw morning. ✌😎 #overnight #oats #chia #peanutbutter

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Love isn’t love ’til you give it away. #Chos ;))) #Vday Photo by @heyitsalyssayu and @_phyliciamarie

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